Playoff Rules

Games will be updated to the Game On Mobile App as quickly as possible – link HERE.

Normal League rules apply with the following exceptions:

  1. Home team is higher regular season standing through all games until finals.
  2. Home team is undefeated team for final. ‘IF’ game will be a coin toss.
  3. One new game ball will be supplied. Each team will supply a good second ball.
  4. Hustle in and out so we do not fall behind! If games start to fall behind, umpires will be enforcing the speed of the game and innings will be decreased in order to stay on time.
  5. Games will be 7 innings or one hour and 15 minutes. No new inning will start after one hour 10 minutes.
  6. Mercy rule will be 12 runs after 5 innings (4 ½ if Home team leading).
  7. Home team does NOT bat if ahead going into bottom of 7th or after Mercy applies.
  8. If necessary for extra innings, games are played as normal. NO International rule. There must be a winner even if the game runs over allotted time.
  9. The finals will be one hour 30 minute games. No new inning after one hour and 20 minutes.
  10. Scores are to be reported as normal to the web-site right after the game as the outcome determines where and when teams play.

There are NO TRUNK BARS allowed. Remember, we are sharing the diamonds on Saturday with another tournament and police may be present.

The same rules apply for closing the diamonds after the last game each day. If you are the home team, put the bases away, turn out the lights and lock up. This includes after Friday & Saturday & final games.

Thank you & GOOD LUCK.