Before We Begin …


I just received an e-mail from the City delaying the opening of the ball diamonds until May 11th.


Losing 2 weeks at the start of the year means we will have to get creative with the schedule to get all the games in.

Regular season will now begin on May 14th …

Our meeting is still being held next Thursday, April 26th at 8pm at Louie’s on Lewis where you will receive your schedule, keys, balls and scorebooks. Ensure you have representation at this meeting to collect everything you need for the year. This is the last bat testing prior to the opening tournament and it will be a very busy bat testing night! Make sure you bring your completed paperwork.


Hello all,

Unfortunately, due to the recent ice storm and lingering wintry conditions, we are delaying the official opening of the City’s sports fields, including ball diamonds.

We expect to open ball diamonds on May 11 and sports fields on May 18.
Delaying the official opening by about 11 days will help us maintain the integrity of our sports fields and provide safe playing conditions for our users.

Currently, the sports fields remain covered in ice and snow and our employees haven’t been able to start the necessary preparations for the upcoming sports season. We do expect melting to occur over the next week when temperatures return to seasonal norms. However, soil conditions will be saturated and it will take some time for the ground to dry.

We will work with your groups to reschedule or refund bookings. Facility Booking Staff are currently amending contracts and will send revised versions for your signature.

This information is also posted at Tennis and beach volleyball courts are not impacted and will open as scheduled on April 30.
We do apologize for this inconvenience. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for a sunny dry season!

Please contact me via e-mail if you have any questions.



Just a reminder of the following important dates. All meetings will be held at Louie’s on Lewis:

March 22nd at 8pm
League meeting – Half of League Fees are due.
Bat testing.
April 24th at 8pm
Bat testing.
April 26th at 8pm
League meeting – Remainder of League Fees are due.
Pick up schedules, balls, key and sign waiver.
Bat testing.


We have held 2 bat testing nights already, we have 3 more scheduled. After April 26th, we will NOT be testing bats again until the opening tournament, May 25th and 26th. You need to have paperwork with you and filled out for your bats to be tested. (Links on the side menu)
There will NOT be blank forms on hand, you must bring your own.

Remember that your roster has to be complete with SPO and players must accept their roster information PRIOR to being allowed to play. If you have not accepted your roster spot on your team, you do not have insurance and will not be allowed to play.

Please e-mail me directly with any questions,


2018 Opening Meeting

Just a reminder that we have our first meeting for the 2018 RCMSPL season this Thursday, February 22nd at 8:00 pm at Louie’s on Lewis.

You are required to top up your $200 performance bond at this meeting for any fines you incurred last season, including lost keys.

We will be conducting bat testing at the conclusion of the meeting, so please bring your bats to be tested. Both the Personal and Team Bat Log sheets were sent with the email (this is just copied from it) for you to print and bring with you as we will NOT have blank Bat Log sheets available.

Please note: since migrating to SSL (Secure web site) I have not solved the pictures and PDF situation – they are not currently available from the site.

Future meeting dates (All held at Louie’s on Lewis):
March 22nd @ 8pm – Half of League Fees due
April 26th @ 8pm – Remainder of League Fees due, pick up scorebook, balls and light key
Important Dates:
April 30th – Opening Day
May 1st – Last date to decline opening tournament without incurring a fine
May 25th/26th – Opening Tournament
September 1st – Last day to withdraw from Playoffs without incurring a fine
September 10th-16th – Year-end Playoff Tournament