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This is the spot where individuals looking to play Men’s slopitch get the opportunity to advertise their desire.

By adding your comment to this page, you are letting teams know of your interest in playing on a team. Keep in mind that there will be other individuals to choose from, so you’ll want to put some useful information in your comments about your batting skills, prefered defensive positions and/or any previous experience which would help you stand out.

Comments on this page are for Men’s Free Agents only and anything posted here that does not relate will be deleted. For those looking to play in the co-ed league, the GTCSPL Free Agent list can be found here.

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  1. Hey everyone,

    I’m a 25 year-old graduate student looking to get back on the diamond. I’d be happy to play in any division for any squad. I played baseball each summer until I was 19, and would love to try out softball. I played at the varsity level throughout high school – typically 3rd or 2nd base, but I also had some shifts in the outfield. I’m an easy going guy looking to have fun and fill any role! Feel free to email, call, or text if you have an opening!


    email: melza@uoguelph.ca
    cell: 304-704-9330

  2. I’m a current University student who is looking to play in Guelph because my old slo-pitch team is too far away. Don’t really care how competitive it is. Text Matt at 519-444-8643 if your looking for more players.

  3. Recently found a full time job in the area and I’m looking to get back to playing slo-pitch this summer. I’m a 24 yo who is fairly athletic, with speed, and a good contact bat with some pop. I’ve played mostly outfield but have played around the diamond at times too. Played fastball as a kid before going to university, and have played slo-pitch since. Hoping to find a spot for the summer, but willing to fill in part time too.

    You can text, email or call me at,

  4. Pitcher looking for permanent home.

    Hi everyone. I turn 40 in September, decent athlete although I need to lose a few pounds, my family and I just moved out to KW from Toronto.
    I’ve been playing slo-pitch for the past 15 years or so (played some ball as a child then stopped for a while). I’ve played rover and second base in the past but for the past 8-10 years I’ve been a full time pitcher for a D division team (6 division league). I’m an excellent pitcher – I typically strike out more batters than I walk in any given season. I’m a 4 time all star and 2 time MVP as a pitcher. I’m aggressive and adept as a fielder and make a lot of defensive plays from the mound. I’m a decent contact hitter, not great. Last year I averaged around .600 on the season. I play hard and want to win but mostly just want to have fun, improve and meet people; no attitude here.
    If I don’t find a permanent team I’d certainly be interested in subbing anytime you’re down a pitcher.

  5. Looking to play this year after taking last year off. 33yo, played at almost every level of the Guelph slopitch leagues(Mens I, II – Coed B, C), mostly in the outfield.

  6. New to Guelph. I’m 35 years old. I’ve played in mens weekend leagues for years. I prefer outfield as I have a good arm but can play other positions if needed. I’m having trouble finding any spaces on any teams in guelph so please contact me if you need a spot filled. tristcurtis@gmail..com


  7. Looking to play some competitive ball this spring/summer. Played a few years of coed and mens semi-competitively ball and am looking more up in the world. 23 years old. Speedy on the bases and have considerable power. Can play about anywhere but usually play outfield because of speed and strong arm. If interested, I can come for a “tryout” so you and I can decide if its a good fit.

    Text, email, or call:

  8. If anyone has an open spot for a full time player give me a text 5199941772
    Im 23. I played AA and AAA hardball most of my life growing up. I mostly played centre field and 3rd base but I am comfortable playing anywhere. I have been aching to get back on the ball diamond for a while now.

  9. Hey guys looking to join a slo pitch team this summer. Im 27 and played guelph royals AAA baseball all my life and have played in coed slo pitch leagues.Can play anywhere on the infield.

  10. Hey guys, looking to find a team this summer. I have some infield experience (2nd, 3rd) but would be happy playing anywhere. Certainly no pro, but I would like to play somewhat competitively. 705-717-4378, Cheers

  11. Hey guys, I’m new to Guelph and I’m looking to join a competitive team this year. I’m 22 years old and I’ve played fastball all my life. I’ve played one year of slo-pitch on a “C” division team and it wasn’t competitive enough for me. I normally play short/3rd but I’m comfortable anywhere. If anyone is looking for an addition to their team, let me know!

  12. I am 23 years old and have played baseball at Marden Rd Performance Centre on co-ed team for two years playing many positions. I am interested in joining a team again this year and have availability on any evening. Please contact me if you are looking for a player.
    James at 519-824-5880

  13. Played CoEd A in 2017 would prefer to joins Mens league. Can play any position best suited for short or second. Solid power. Played high level hardball as a youngster and high level slopitch in Mississauga.

  14. Hello, looking to get back in slo-pitch! 34 years young, played two previous seasons in Guelph but missed last year. Played 10 years of hardball in in another lifetime but still have it!

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