AGM Notification – New Location

Another season has come to a close and despite the delayed start we finished our season without losing any games. My congratulations to the winners, well done.

On another note, our Annual General Meeting has been booked for:

Monday, November 26th 8:00pm

The Red Chev is located at 34 Elizabeth St, Guelph, ON. There is free parking at left side of the building or at the city lot across the street.

Louie’s on Lewis is booked and couldn’t accommodate our league for the nights we required. We are going to try the Red Chev for the AGM and see how it works out. There MAY be another location change for the spring meetings if it is not conducive to our needs. I am thinking more along the lines of bat testing night and the April meeting when we hand out the balls, scorebooks and keys. I will supply further information on that as it becomes available.

At this meeting we will vote on any Constitutional changes that are proposed to me prior to November 12th , as Rule 7a of our Constitution states “Suggested change to either the League Constitution or the Rules of Play must be made in writing and provided to the League President at least 14 days prior to the Annual General Meeting. Changes to the Constitution will only be considered at the Annual General Meeting.”

If you are going to propose a change, please include as much detail as you can so I can explain it at the meeting and your rationale behind the proposal. If you are comfortable, I will ask for the proposer to speak to their rationale at the meeting. If not, I will do my best to explain it.

We also collect your light keys at this meeting so we can return them to the city. If you do not return your light key the city fines the league, which in turn we pass the fine along to the offending team(s).

If you have any questions, please contact me directly.


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