Just a reminder of the following important dates. All meetings will be held at Louie’s on Lewis:

March 22nd at 8pm
League meeting – Half of League Fees are due.
Bat testing.
April 24th at 8pm
Bat testing.
April 26th at 8pm
League meeting – Remainder of League Fees are due.
Pick up schedules, balls, key and sign waiver.
Bat testing.


We have held 2 bat testing nights already, we have 3 more scheduled. After April 26th, we will NOT be testing bats again until the opening tournament, May 25th and 26th. You need to have paperwork with you and filled out for your bats to be tested. (Links on the side menu)
There will NOT be blank forms on hand, you must bring your own.

Remember that your roster has to be complete with SPO and players must accept their roster information PRIOR to being allowed to play. If you have not accepted your roster spot on your team, you do not have insurance and will not be allowed to play.

Please e-mail me directly with any questions,


2018 Opening Meeting

Just a reminder that we have our first meeting for the 2018 RCMSPL season this Thursday, February 22nd at 8:00 pm at Louie’s on Lewis.

You are required to top up your $200 performance bond at this meeting for any fines you incurred last season, including lost keys.

We will be conducting bat testing at the conclusion of the meeting, so please bring your bats to be tested. Both the Personal and Team Bat Log sheets were sent with the email (this is just copied from it) for you to print and bring with you as we will NOT have blank Bat Log sheets available.

Please note: since migrating to SSL (Secure web site) I have not solved the pictures and PDF situation – they are not currently available from the site.

Future meeting dates (All held at Louie’s on Lewis):
March 22nd @ 8pm – Half of League Fees due
April 26th @ 8pm – Remainder of League Fees due, pick up scorebook, balls and light key
Important Dates:
April 30th – Opening Day
May 1st – Last date to decline opening tournament without incurring a fine
May 25th/26th – Opening Tournament
September 1st – Last day to withdraw from Playoffs without incurring a fine
September 10th-16th – Year-end Playoff Tournament


AGM ’17 Minutes

Sign in and Collect Keys – (Brad)
Financial Report (Bob)
All good – approximately $2000 in the black for 2017 from proposed budget.
Do not expect any substantial changes as far as fees go from the city, however we do expect to have some base maintenance to cover between both Men’s and Coed.
City Outdoor User Group meeting update (Bruce)
No major announcements. No diamond fee increases expected, however this has yet to be passed by City Counsel (Budget Meeting yet to be held).

Discussion About Divisional Alignments

(Based on last year’s results) – approved

Division I
Season Champs – Skyline Wealth
Playoff Champs – Rippin’ Dubs
Lyon Financial moves to Division II
Division II
Season Champs – Kittens
Playoff Champs – Swamp Donkeys
Kittens move to Division I, Sandlot moves to Division III
Division III
Season Champs – Barzotti Woodworking
Playoff Champs – Barzotti Woodworking
Barzotti moves to Division II, Boomsticks move to Division IV
The Rec Division will now be known as Division IV.
The winner of Division IV will move to Division III and the loser of Division III will move to Division IV.
Season Champs – Rangers
Playoff Champs – Rangers
Rangers move to Division III

2018 Teams Discussion (Jon)

What teams are not returning?
Trillium West
Untouchables (possibly)
To date we have 2 new teams for next year, 1 in Division I and 1 in Division IV.
For the 2018 season, at this point, the Divisions break down as follows:

  • 8 in Division I
  • 10 in Division II
  • 10 in Division III
  • 7 in Division IV

Review of 2017

What went well and what didn’t
1 and 1 count:

  • 1 and 1 pilot was not well received by the majority of teams who voted
3 games per night:

  • Will need to be implemented on a regular basis to accommodate for expansion – to what degree is based on number of teams and rainouts.
  • Triple Headers to get our games in during time crunch did work very well.
Opening Tournament Discussion
Is this required? VOTE = YES
If so, it will be May 25-27.
Teams must alert President (Jon) no later than May 1st if they can not take part in the opening tournament. Failure to do so will result in a $200 team fine.
Year-end Playoff Tournament
Will be held from September 10-16 based on diamond availability
Start the playoffs on Monday of playoff week, end on Saturday
Make it a true double knockout
Teams must alert President (Jon) no later than Sept 1st if they can not take part in the Closing Tournament. Failure to do so will result in a $200 team fine.

Additional Discussion:

Discussion about the difficulty some teams experienced having to field a team on any of Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Request made to consider designated nights per division.

  • There really is no way to get full consensus for all teams in all divisions to agree on any one night.
  • Schedule is provided well in advance and with the expanded rosters of 25, teams are expected to be able to plan to have the minimum 8 players to any one game

Softball Canada Update (Bruce)

Incident took place in BC where a Slo-Pitch player was struck in the head by a thrown ball who later died as a result of those injuries. SPO is waiting on a final vote by Softball Canada to see if Mandatory Helmets / Face Masks will be implemented. If SPO implements the new rule requiring (Batters, All Base Runners, Batters on Deck etc) the mandatory wearing of helmets, all players associated with RCMSPL will be required to adhere to the new rules.

Look for updates in the new year.

Constitutional Proposals

Courtesy Runner Rule:
Current Rule 12(l) states:

  • Each team is allowed three (3) courtesy runners per game at their discretion. The runner does not have to be the last player out, however the batter / runner must have attained a base.
  • Exception: IF a player is injured during the course of the game such that he cannot make it to 1st and IF the game would be forfeit without said player remaining in the lineup, a runner from the screen may be allowed at the discretion of the umpire.
Proposed Rule:

  • If a player is injured during the game, an injury runner shall be allowed (if both teams agree). The injury runner (must be the last out) will run from the screen and can try to obtain any base.
  • This rule is to accommodate a team from forfeiting an ongoing game due to a shortage of players because of said injury. It is NOT to be used as an every game situation in order to give the team an advantage of a faster runner.
  • Injury runners will not be allowed at the start of a game UNLESS it means a forfeit by the team. If the team has 8 or more players available, the injured player should not be included in the lineup.

VOTE on Courtesy Runner Rules = PASSED (will adopt “Proposed Rule” above)

Pitching Height
Current Rule 15(f) states:

  • Pitching Rule: Minimum 6 ft. – Unlimited Maximum Height
Proposed Rule
Minimum 6 feet – Maximum 12 feet

  • With a restricted pitching height, it will allow:
    • For faster games as batters will be less likely to take the pitch count to the maximum (This will greatly assist with being able to play 3 games per night in their entirety)
    • The hitters more control to place the ball resulting in more hits and higher scoring games.
    • With more control, there will be fewer balls unintentionally hit up the middle, reducing the risk of injury to the pitcher

VOTE on Pitching Height Change from 6–unlimited to 6 and 12 = Did Not Pass

Future meeting dates

  • February 22, 2018 – $200 Performance Bond top up / deposit due
  • March 22, 2018 – 50% of league fees due
  • April 26, 2018 – balance of league fees due
  • April 30 or May 1 – regular season commences (Depends when the City lets us on the diamonds)