Bat Testing

Just a quick reminder about our upcoming bat testing nights.

All players must have their bats tested and stickered BEFORE they can use them in any game.

Please remember to bring your forms filled out with as much info as possible. We will not have blank forms on hand. Forms can be downloaded through the Bat Log Form link above or here.

Also remember, ONLY the registered team rep may submit a form with 5 bats designated as TEAM bats without incurring additional fees.

Bat policy highlights are below. The full bat policy is posted on our website.

  1. ISF standard must be followed for potential expired bats.
  2. Aluminum – USSSA 1.20 MUST be visible.
  3. Existing 2000/2004 ASA – LEGAL.
  4. New USSSA 1.20 thumbprint – LEGAL.
  5. New ASA Only 2013 – NOT LEGAL.
  6. New ASA WITH USSSA 1.20 thumbprint – LEGAL.
  7. Bat testing – all bats MUST be tested this year regardless of last year’s testing..
Bat testing will take place at 7:00 pm until approx. 9:00 pm on the following nights.
All testing will be at Louie’s on Lewis 84 Lewis Road.
Wednesday April 15th – 7pm-9pm
Thursday April 16th – 7pm-9pm
Tuesday April 28th – 7pm at Coed pickup meeting
Wednesday April 29th – 7pm at Men’s pickup meeting


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League Meeting #2

A quick reminder of the MANDATORY RCMSPL league rep meeting tomorrow night:

Wednesday, March 18th at 7:00 p.m.
Louie’s on Lewis (old Knights of Columbus) – 84 Lewis Rd., Guelph

The meeting will start at 7:00 p.m. (no sooner).

– Collect half of league fees (and top up Bonds that are still outstanding).
– Discuss / Determine potential divisional alignment.
– Additional Announcements.
– Open Forum.

Following the meeting, but no sooner than 8:00 p.m., we will begin bat testing.

Specifically, bat testing will begin at 8:00 and run until we are done. There will NOT be any Bat Forms available at the meeting so please be sure to print out a copy (link at the top or click here) and have it filled out before you submit your bat for testing. Note the additional option for Team Bats (again, link at the top or click here).

I updated my League Distribution, so if you know of or hear of any problems with anyone Not receiving this email, please let me know ASAP, however this distribution should match the data provided on the sign in sheet completed last meeting.

See you all tomorrow night!


RCMSPL – Secretary

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2015 Spring Meetings

The meetings for this spring have now been scheduled!

All meetings will be at Louie’s on Lewis (formerly the Knights of Columbus) on Lewis Road at 7:00 pm on the following dates:

  • February 18th – Performance bond due.
  • March 18th – 50% of league fees due.
  • April 29th – Balance of league fees due, ball and schedule pick up.

We are attempting to have bat testing at all meetings, however, THIS WILL BE CONFIRMED.


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AGM 2014

The Annual General Meeting has been set for:

Wednesday, November 12th at 7:30 pm
Louie’s on Lewis (old Knights of Columbus) – 84 Lewis Rd., Guelph

BRING YOUR KEYS – At this meeting, we will be collecting your keys for the year. Any team not returning keys will be charged a $200 fine against their performance bonds.

As stated in Section 6 of the constitution:

Constitutional and/or Playing Rule Changes

  1. Suggested change to either the League Constitution or the Rules of Play must be made in writing and provided to the League President at least 14 days prior to the Annual General Meeting (It is my fault for being late in sending this meeting notification, so we will accept changes until FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 7th, 2014) . Changes to the Constitution will only be considered at the Annual General Meeting. Changes to the playing rules will be considered at any regularly scheduled League meeting subject to the provision of Section 5C.

In addition, we will elect the executive for the 2015 season. If you would like to submit a constitutional proposal or become involved in the executive, you must do so by November 7th.


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It All Comes Down to Monday!

Thankfully we haven’t had to go beyond our “Plan D” – I was getting a little worried about the weather there but I don’t think you could ask for a better night to close out the season than what I see in the forecast right now!

In looking back, I see I’ve fallen a little behind in regards to the regular season and recognizing our Division Champions. Perhaps I can remedy that here with a final look back at the regular season – and combine it with a glimpse of the playoff picture for you.

Division I

Friar Tuck’s had another strong season and finished up the regular season schedule at the top of Division I. They lost 2 games on the season – a 17-8 game against the Mudcats and a forfeit loss to Thunder – and find themselves on the final night facing the only team to beat them in a regular season game this season.

Mudcats came out ahead after their first game in these playoffs but were relegated to the losing side in our tournament format by the only other team to record a win against Friar Tuck’s – Thunder. Thunder took the first game these teams saw each other in the playoffs, but were unable to beat Mudcats when facing elimination after they too were relegated to the losing side. Mudcats won 13 – 12 to claim their spot in the final against Tucks.

And the winner is …

Friar Tuck’s defeated Mudcats 21 – 16 to take the Championship.

Division III

Barzotti and Rangers seem to show up in these year-end musings on a pretty regular basis – and this year is no different. Barzotti claims top spot in the regular season with a 17-3 record, followed closely by Rangers at 16-4. Their season series saw a split with each team winning twice.

… Which sets up an interesting final, as we see Barzotti and Rangers have both made it through to the finals in this tournament setup.

Barzotti defeated Rangers again to remain unbeaten through the playoffs.

Division II

You might think from the previous recaps that winning the Division Championship is a guaranteed ride to the Playoff Championship – but you’d be wrong! Division II is proof positive that when it comes down to a season ending format such as what we are working with, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!

Reds claimed top honors in the Regular Season schedule, posting an impressive 16-3-1 record followed closely by Kittens at 15-3-2. With Kittens winning the season series 1-0-1 over Reds, you have to be thinking this sets up a really interesting Playoff Championship – and you’d be right.

But not how you think!

Reds squeaked through their 1st game, taking Spartans 11-10 to advance. They then fell to Swamp Donkeys in another tight match and found themselves in the loser’s bracket.

Kittens won their 1st game handily but then came up short against DDG – losing 18-11 and finding their way to the loser’s bracket.

Spartans seemed to gain some encouragement from their near upset of Reds. They took out Sandlot 14-11 and then took it out on Kittens in a lopsided 32-22 victory. They didn’t lose any momentum when faced with Reds again, this time eliminating them with a 16-11 game to carry them through to face Swamp Donkeys in the Donkeys 1st game in the losing side of the bracket. Swamp Donkeys proved too much for Spartans – taking that game 12-10 to move on to the final.

DDG managed to stay on the winning side of the bracket when they took the game over Swamp Donkeys that sent Swamp Donkeys to the losing side.

This sets up a 6th place DDG team having the upper hand over the 4th place Swamp Donkeys for the Playoff Championship of Division II. I told you it was gonna be interesting!

And the winner is …
DDG claim their first league championship with a 13 – 11 victory!

Congratulations to all the Division Champions!!

… and all the Playoff Champions!

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