Diamonds Closed Tonight

Saw this on the Guelph website:

Tuesday May 20, 2014

Due to saturated conditions, all sports fields and diamonds are closed until next scheduled inspection at 2:00 p.m. tomorrow.

UPDATE: All games have been rescheduled.

Please note: the next round of reschedules will cut into our long weekends – June 30th and August 4th

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Rained Out

I know – doesn’t look THAT bad, right ?!?

Some of you may still want to play but we have made an Executive Decision and …


Team Reps have been notified, but please make sure to pass this along to your teammates so we’re not sending guys out to the diamonds for no reason.

I will reschedule and post to your team pages tonight.

UPDATED: All games have now been rescheduled.


As I sit here at the diamonds because the sun came out, GG5 & GG7 are completely unplayable. GG4 & GG6 we may have been able to use tonight – with some serious raking and draining the infields. The outfields are a marsh.

Taking into consideration the safety factor and umpire savings by calling it prior to game time, it was the right call. I know we now have to fit the games into our schedules, which is a pain, but things happen.


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