Looks Like We’ll have a Plan D

Plan D will push all games back 1 date on the schedule. All tonight’s games will go Monday, Monday’s game will be Wednesday … You get the picture.

Update: Plan D and the updated brackets are now posted. Please check it over and let me know if there are any problems.

Updated Plan D (Sept. 15th):

Since we are still waiting on word from the City in regards to an extension, and since rain is a definite possibility this time of year, we have moved the games from the 29th to the 24th and will have double-headers for the team coming up from the losing side. This will leave us with October 1st (pending City approval still) as our backup plan for any rain we might get between now and the end of our season.

Please note: if we do not get an extension from the City in regards to Oct. 1st and we do find ourselves with some rainouts, we will … think of something else!

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Plan C – Playoffs 2014

Apparently we had a bit of a problem with the lights last night on GG5 and GG7 – we’re gonna have to come up with a new plan!

As it stands right now, I don’t know if the lights will be back in order and haven’t had an opportunity to do anything with the schedule. I will find out from the city today (hopefully!) if we’re back in business, but for now we will continue Wednesday with the following:

  • C4 game on GG4 instead of the C6 game.
  • A9 game early on GG5 instead of A13.
  • A10 and A13 games should be prepared to play the late game – we may have to resort to a double-header for the teams playing in the A9 game.

All other games would then go where they were originally scheduled.

Please note: this is my 7:00 am, slap it together before work plan. I will be unavailable to update this until later tonight so check back before bed tonight and I should have a better idea of what’s going on.

Updated: I swung by the diamonds tonight and the lights were working – we’re back in business! Brackets have been updated with the changes outlined above. Now we just have to get through tomorrow’s forecast and hope we can get the games in without having to revert to Plan D!

Please let me know if there are any discrepancies or is any confusion about when / where your team is playing.

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Plan B – Playoffs 2014

The Playoff Plan at this point is that we will still be able to play a Modified Double-knockout format for our playoffs this season as was voted in at the league meetings in the spring. The UPDATED timeline – or Plan B, as I’ll call it – can be found here.

By sticking with the plan for a modified double-knockout format, we are now pushing the time limits for our end of season as determined by the City of Guelph. In the event we are affected by more weather in our future, I’m not 100% sure what the plan will be.

Teams should be prepared to play on any of our regularly scheduled Monday or Wednesday nights if their games are rained out in the next couple of weeks.

Updated brackets will be posted in the next day or so are now online based on the timeline listed as Plan B (should be correct).

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