Opening Tournament – Canceled

I regret to inform you that due to circumstances beyond the leagues control, the opening tournament has been canceled.

We only have 4 umpires for over 50 games this weekend and cannot run the tournament for this reason. The Exec has decided that it is better to save the money on diamond costs, umpires and balls and reinvest it back into the league. The particulars will be available and discussed at the AGM. We feel this is a better option than having 4 umpires or self-umpiring the games.

Please contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

(519) 841-8203

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Welcome to the 2016 Season!

It may be a little wet on the way in as there is/was a blockage of the culvert going under the roadway, but …

Monday, May 2, 2016 – All sportsfields and diamonds are open according to the below schedule:

Please monitor weather conditions and refrain from playing if fields become saturated.

I’d like to highlight a couple of Constitutional Rules you should keep in mind:

Game Times and Facilities

  • All games are scheduled to begin at either 6:30 pm or 8:15 pm with NO GRACE PERIOD. The umpire will determine whether or not a game should be delayed or canceled because of weather or field conditions.
  • Prior to the game the home team will set out bases which are 65 feet apart for all divisions. As well, the home team will draw in base lines, a “safe line” at home plate and a “commitment line” 21 feet from home plate.
  • The home team will supply a new game ball and a good used second ball which must meet the approval of the game umpire.
  • A team failing to field 8 players by 6:30 pm or 8:15 pm respectively shall lose the game by default.
  • It is the responsibility of the winning team to report game scores to the League Statistician.
  • The normal length of a game is 9 innings, however no new inning shall start after 95 minutes.
  • If games are tied at the completion of 9 innings and time permits, the game will continue using the “International Tiebreaker Rule“. Under this rule, each team starts the new inning with one out and the player who completed the last official at bat as a base runner on second base. Each subsequent inning will start the same until a winner has been determined.
  • If weather conditions do not allow a game to continue, the game will be considered completed if 5 or more innings have been completed or if 4 ½ innings have been completed and the Home Team is winning.
  • Mercy Rule – if at the completion of 7 or more innings a team is leading by 15 or more runs the game shall be considered complete.

Good luck to all, and let’s kick off the season right!

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2016 Meeting Schedule

It is that time again to get started on the coming season. As a reminder, all meetings are mandatory to attend or fines will ensue.

ALL bats MUST be tested by the league and stickered prior to play. Bat testing sheets will be available on the league web-site shortly (Updated for 2016). We will NOT supply bat testing sheets, nor will we test without a sheet. We will NOT be testing bats at the opening tournament, unless purchased that day, on site, from Home Run Sports. An in-year bat testing schedule will be handed out at the April meeting so bats can be tested throughout the year.

Further information on what bats are legal can be found here.

We have had some replies from roster players that do not wish to be on a team’s roster any longer. Please ensure that everyone on your roster WANTS to be on your roster and receive league communication, otherwise, remove them.

We have set the meeting schedule for the 2016 season (with the exception of the AGM in November).
All meetings will be at Louie’s on Lewis, 84 Lewis Road, Guelph.

The dates are as follows:

Thursday, February 11th @ 7:00pm
$200 Performance Bond is due
Bat testing to follow
Thursday, March 24th @ 7:00pm
Half of league fees are due
Bat testing to follow
Monday, April 25th @ 7:00pm
Balance of league fees are due
Pick up balls, schedule, scorebooks and keys
Bat testing to follow

If you have any questions, please contact me directly at 519-841-8203.

Thank you,
RCMSPL President

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AGM 2015

The Annual General Meeting has been set for:

Thursday, November 19th at 8:00pm – NOTE START TIME
Louie’s on Lewis – 84 Lewis Road, Guelph

BRING YOUR KEYS – At this meeting, we will be collecting your keys for the year. Any team not returning keys will be charged a $200 fine against their performance bonds.

Section 6 of the constitution states rule changes must be received by me 14 days prior to the meeting. As I am so late in sending this out, please have any proposed rule changes to me by end of day Tuesday, November 17th.

Any Executive nominations must be received by end of day Tuesday, November 17th. The Exec will be elected at this meeting for the 2016 playing year.

This is an open meeting and all rostered players are encouraged to attend.

Thank you,

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Last Night of the Regular Season

… And time for an update on the regular season!

Congratulations go out to Friar Tuck’s for taking Division I again this season! Their 17-2 record guarantees that no other team can catch them for top seed in the coming playoffs.

Congratulations also go out to Barzotti for eking out the top spot in Division III. Their 15-4-1 record could be matched by Rangers if they win tonight, but Barzotti’s 2-1-1 head-to-head record over Rangers guarantees them top spot.

Congratulations go out to … still to be determined in Division II.  Going into tonight’s action, we have a 4-way tie for 1st place!

So … some scenarios for you to consider.

If Pioneer, Unleashed and Blast win:

  • Blast loses to Unleashed on H2H
  • Unleashed loses to Pioneer on H2H
  • Pioneer loses to Blast on H2H

The tie breaker in this situation has to come down to +/- (no real need for any games to be played since we all make the playoffs).

If Pioneer, Unleashed and Master Batters win:

  • MB beats Pioneer on H2H
  • Unleashed and MB are tied 1-1
  • Pioneer beats Unleashed on H2H

Again, the only real solution is +/-.

If Pioneer loses and Unleashed wins:

  • If MB wins – Unleashed over MB on runs
  • If Blast wins – Unleashed over Blast on H2H

If Unleashed loses and Pioneer wins:

  • If MB wins – MB over Pioneer on H2H
  • If Blast wins – Blast over Pioneer on H2H

Run Differential:

  • +154 – Pioneer
  • +148 – Blast
  • +101 – Unleashed
  • +76 – MB



Playoffs will begin next Monday based on the tournament format we’ve followed the last couple of years. A copy of the playoff schedule is making it’s way to the site later today – check the main menu for a link when it is up.

Good luck tonight and in the coming playoffs!

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